Sunday, June 9, 2013

New tools

Several weeks ago my cookie scoop (Farberware, purchased for $5.99 at Big Lots, one tablespoon measure) broke. Like, totally just quit. The little blade had somehow come unhinged and despite much sweat, cursing, and assistance from T., that thing was not going back into its place. Alas, all good things come to an end.

That cookie scoop probably scooped over a dozen dozen cookies. maybe twenty dozen cookies. I'm not super good at math but I'm pretty sure that comes out to about almost no cents a dozen. Despite the incontrovertible economy of the scoop I resisted buying another...and regretted it deeply when, last weekend, I had to drop chocolate chip cookies onto baking sheets using the ancient art of "two spoons." Such rudimentary technique simply could not stand. I resolved to purchase another cookie scoop (aka disher, to my less cookie minded friends) as soon as I was able.

Well, the baking gods had their kind eye in guiding my non-buying hand, because my angel of a mother in law sent me a brand! new! cookie scoop! in her birthday gift to me, opened last Thursday and triumphantly wielded by me this night as I bake a late night batch of peanut butter cookies while keeping T. company as he slogs through document review.

In short: I vow to never bake cookies without a cookie scoop again. The sheer efficiency is unbelievable and the uniform results far more pleasing to the eye. As Scarlett said "I'll never go [without a cookie scoop] again!"

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